We are a unique, patent pending online platform, which allows stockholders to obtain a Signature Guarantee for the transfer of securities. We also offer you the ability to sign your documents via digital signature and upload them to us.


eSignature Group, LLC is a member of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP).

Our platform will utilize unique, intelligent, multiple choice knowledge-based authentication data questions to validate that someone is who they claim to be. We then utilize our dual authentication technology and our verification process to access thousands of data sources containing public records to validate a customer's identification while allowing our customers to transact with our fraud detection tools in a fast and uninterrupted process.

Example Of Driver Licence

How it Works


Simply go to eSignatureGuarantee.com and our platform will process, verify and confirm your identity so that we will be able to provide a signature guarantee for the transfer of your securities. You will also be required to present a copy of your driver’s license or passport.


Regardless if you are an individual, a corporation, trustee or executor, our patent pending platform will allow you the choice to provide us with a digital signature and to upload your documents or to sign “pen to paper” documents and send us your form or certificate.


We will then courier your document with our signature guarantee directly to you or to the transfer agent that you instruct us to, so that you may complete the transfer of your securities.